PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

The mission of PSG Hospitals has never been in doubt. It serves as a centre of learning, and as a centre of healing. The twin objectives of training future health professionals and making available to the community the best of health care at an affordable cost have always been guiding our journey.

Right from its inception, PSG was dedicated to lead from the front for knowledge development. While many organisations focused their strength in industrial growth and other facets of national development, PSG was exclusively formed and fostered for knowledge development. National development is closely linked with knowledge development, and illiteracy is a thick veil that prevents growth. PSG realised this decades ago and the inclusive model of knowledge distribution and development revolutionised this part of the country.

In the year 1926, when the founders decided to partition their wealth into five, they had a clear-cut vision. The fifth portion adopted as a brother, and christened CHARITY, is a living edifice of their sense of social responsibility. It was their forethought and munificence that made them identify and formulate ways in which they can be involved in societal development. That is how PSG was born. We, of the successive generations, have continuously tried to uphold the lofty values and the mantle of working for society.

On behalf of the board of trustees, and on my own personal behalf, I am extremely happy to rededicate this hospital to the service of society through education and health care!


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